Sunday, April 29, 2007

Return to Blogging: some FO's and promises

Ask anyone, and they'll uphold the fact that procrastination just makes the issue snowball out of control. After a few months, I've finally triumphed over the "I'll do it tomorrow"s and have against started to blog and, most importantly, knit!!

First, some finished projects.

I did end up finishing the scarf mentioned in my last post, the only difference being that I narrowed to 3 pattern repeats instead of 4. Much more attractive, I think!

Pattern: Here
Yarn: Bernat Cottontots (worsted weight, 100% cotton, 4oz/113g)
Needles: size 11 (US)
Duration: too long

Blocking (I misted this one instead of dunking it in water; the cotton yarn as well as the 'lacy' stitch would have made it easy to stretch out of proportion)

It was gifted to my friend, Marina, who's studying away at college. More on that later...

I started a second scarf after finishing this one. It was inspired by a (rediculously priced--around $200) Anthropologie scarf my friend Chelsea and I had looked at online. Genius here didn't save a photo from the website but my recreation is pretty identical to the original, albeit slightly lighter and made out of better materials. The dimensions were specified on the site, which made the recreation even easier. They were 3in by 60in, I think. To get a similar color, I used two strands held together.

Pattern: my own (1x1 ribbing)
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns 'Iceland' (100% wool; the green/yellow yarn), Red Heart Super Saver (wosted weight, 100% acrylic; the blue yarn)
Needles: size 11 (US)
Duration: 5 weeks or so?

A closeup:


This scarf was we-blocked as well (dunked instead of misted). I was so surprised that despite the freezing water, the wool felt warm!

The scarves were included in care packages sent to M & C, along with other goodies!

In current news, I'm a week into a new (more ambitious) project! Pictures and details in the next post.


Gloria said...

Love the scarves!

And thanks for visiting my blog, too.

lexer said...

Cute scarves! I esp. like the blue and green one...but those are my favorite colors, so I'm a little biased :)

Thanks for linking to me!

Misa said...

That faux lace scarf has been on my list of things to try.

A couple of oversized shawl projects in a row had made me forget how pleasantly quick scarves are.

Thank you for your comment on my double-knit scarf!